Today on november, 6th, 2010, tuesday
  • Alexander, alexey, grigory's name-day, makara, mitrofana
  • Finland has proclaimed the independence.
  • The first microwave is patented.
  •   Army [132]
      The armenian radio [77]
      The answering machine [6]
      From fomenko [40]
      From compositions [27]
      Sms tricks [18]
      About the little girl [51]
      About the little boy [94]
      Horror stories about hackers [9]
      Horror stories family [50]



  • At a dawn -
    To catch fish it has gone with petja.
    The father has fallen asleep forever in canes,
    Will not awake any more the kid.

  • Vovochka wanted to become the hairdresser,
    The hand has decided on native to fill.
    The father - without an ear, mum - without an eye,
    The dog whole - malicious, an infection.

  • The boy on floor
    All from blood the pink lies:
    They with the grandfather played
    In pavlika morozova.

  • (). :

    - the little red riding hood, here mum of pies has baked, go visit the grandmother.