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The organizer of the project -Cherepenin oleg, ICQ:275-342-513,E-mail:info@kupi-legalno.ru

Products of beekeeping

Russia always was famous for honey. unfortunately, today quality of the russian honey is unpredictable. we will help you to understand products of beekeeping and we will give advice how to gain the maximum effect from their use

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  • All about honey/propolis - Honey the high-calorific foodstuff representing partially digested in craw of melliferous bee (apis mellifera) nectar. in honey vitamins 1, 2, 6,to, with, provitamin a-carotin, folic acid contain. .

  • Councils about acquisition of honey - The question of acquisition of qualitative honey excites almost all buyers, and it is not casual. should tell that substitutes in the market suffice. many buy honey in the medical purposes, therefore it is very important, that it there was a honey which has kept in natural qualities...

  • Propolis - We will list the basic diseases which are giving in to treatment by propolis - otitises, stomatology, urology, surgery, pediatrics, tubercular process, eye practice, gynecology, a pathology of man's sexual sphere, cold, infringements in workheartaches, pulmonology...подшипник 6207

  • Matochnoe milk - Matochnoe milk - -, ...

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The organizer of the project - Cherepenin oleg, ICQ: 275-342-513, E-mail: info@kupi-legalno.ru