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The organizer of the project -Cherepenin oleg, ICQ:275-342-513,E-mail:info@kupi-legalno.ru

Our production

Drinks from aloe Bioactive additives Products of beekeeping Correction of weight
Of means of personal hygiene Care of skin Decorative cosmetics sonya  

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Why our production is better?

  • We are The world's largest company On cultivation and distribution of production from the aloe belief. we posess plantations in the usa, on islands of caribbean basin and in east region of america is the all areas optimum for cultivation of the given plant. we Can give exact informationAs well as where our aloe belief has been grown up. for example, we know and we guarantee that on our plantations Are not used neither pesticides, nor herbicides.
  • We Supervise all process, beginning from gathering of leaves suitable for processing and up to storage temperature already finished goods. and we is perfect We do not depend on suppliers.
  • On Technology Developed by us our juice it is taken from just collected mature leaves and it is stabilised for preservation of all necessary nutritious components. process from gathering before stabilisation end lasts all some hours. the method of stabilisation Is patented By the president of company forever living prodakts reksom moganom.
  • In our juice It is not added any dyes or flavouring additives. We .
  • Our juice of the aloe belief Is not a product and is not exposed to filtration. On We (), - , .
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  • Our aloe belief Is not exposed to high-temperature processing. or pasteurisation cheaper and fast process of processing, but high temperature kills active components. the temperature mode of processing used by our company, more low, than at pasteurisation, therefore it does not lead components and keeps activity of enzymes. such method named cold processing, instantly preserves nutrients in just cut off sheet that promotes preservation of manpower of a product for a long time.
  • Stabilised by the aloe belief The basic component, in juice let out by us, jelly, (creams).
  • Results of testing in laboratories of food and medicinal production have shown that our juice of the aloe belief Is identical To juice from sheet. differently, to drink our juice of the aloe belief is all the same what to use juice from aloe sheet.


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The organizer of the project - Cherepenin oleg, ICQ: 275-342-513, E-mail: info@kupi-legalno.ru