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Of possibility of business with forever living products

 thanks you that you have become interested in possibility of joint business with forever living prodakts. i will try to be as much as possible concrete in the offer: in the organisation i am interested in such distributors who passionately thirsts to work on myself who is ready long and to work seriously who understands that the basic our difficulties are concluded in ourselves and is ready to study and work over itself.

That this such business with ?

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Why network business?

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  •  gives the chance the immediate income, as result of your personal efforts, your personal sellings;
  • Gives the chance to create the system which is bringing in the constant income without dependence from your personal presence;
  • Thus you define, what way suits you more, what is the time and efforts to it to spend.


  •  The low price of occurrence in business (there is no necessity to remove office, a warehouse to employ the personnel);
  • Flexible hours (it is not necessary to throw an existing place of work, it is possible to define independently volume of time arranging you, forces and means which you are ready to spend for business);
  • Equal odds of success (the model ready business, the huge market, your command always works on you, the fair marketing plan);
  • Low financial risks (the company will redeem at you the rests of the goods bought within last 12 months if you have decided to stop to be the distributor);
  • System of training to business (company and sponsor support, each of which is interested in your success);
  • Stability ( Stability )
  • Possibility of transfer of business by right of succession

 C business the model ready business, is the franchise for small. offers model ready business which has proved the efficiency in more, than hundred countries and which successfully works thirty years. This model works, in this system it is possible to earn money you do not need to invent a bicycle, you need to learn on it to go. Unlike "the big" franchise, you do not need to pay for it, to remove office and a warehouse, you have possibility to choose work methods, you can define, how many efforts you want to spend and how many you want to earn.

C business is a working trade. The expert in construction networks the same trade, as well as many other things. it remains with you at any moment. on the other hand, how many you spend time, being engaged in business, what your skill level such and return.

Marketing plan represents the two-phase marketing plan, in which on the first phase (to the manager) you build the system of sale, expand retail base (excellent production allows to increase retails much easier, than in a number of other network companies), and on the second phase you help the distributors to build the organisations. the block of the scheme and examples of marketing plan are resulted in the enclosed presentations.


  1. Termless computer number
  2. Absence
  3. All payments are considered from retail price
  4. Subordinate generation cannot overtake sponsor
  5. Qualification calculation on a turn of all organisation
  6. :
    • Personal volume (including distributors 1 generations)
    • Group volume

 * for the second phase of the marketing plan where payments are based on quantity and sales volume of the subordinate management organisations, requirements on level of personal sellings fall, but there are requirements of "not management" sales that is reasonable as at this level you spend much more time for organisation development, than for development .

* if you already are the expert in network marketing, we suggest you to compare level of payments from your existing business to those payments which you can receive within the limits of marketing planalso we advise to you to estimate appeal of production to the end user.

It is important to notice also that is steady, free from debts the family company in which obviously expressed continuity of generations is visible. at the company the excellent last and fine future.

In addition, i suggest you to look at the materials devoted to various parts of marketing

"Of possibility of business with forever living products" (38Mb)

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The organizer of the project - Cherepenin oleg, ICQ: 275-342-513, E-mail: info@kupi-legalno.ru