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All about a belief

From 200 grades of an aloe only five are curative. from these five grades of a plant of the aloe the belief (barbadenis miller) possesses a maximum useful properties.

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  • The facts about a belief - The aloe belief often name the wonderful plant, the natural healer, healer ozhogov and other names which this plant has got for four thousand years during which the mankind used unique qualities of this plant...

  • Properties of the aloe belief - The aloe belief that is "the aloe true". it is known about it since 2nd millenium bc known stories of the person, healers, scientific, philosophers, doctors, physicians, biologists addressed to it...

  • The aloe - the doctor universal - Is considered the most ancient doctor an aloe. about its medicinal properties knew still b.c. and applied in the medical purposes...

  • Biological value of the aloe belief - Energy is required to the person to blink, move, breathe. our existence depends on the most complicated chemical interactions occurring in an organism...

  • The aloe the belief and biological mastering of vitamins - By independent chemical laboratories have been conducted in the usa the researches defining degree of mastering of water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins at their combination from an aloe...

  • Natural stabilisation of gel of the aloe belief - Transparent and whitish gel from an aloe pulp is extremely astable. it left in the open air quickly is oxidised and loses the most part of the curative properties. .

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The organizer of the project - Cherepenin oleg, ICQ: 275-342-513, E-mail: info@kupi-legalno.ru